Cinderella of real estate – Papatoetoe house renovation

Renovating old homes in below-average conditions brings many challenges. Still, projects like that are certainly one of the most rewarding ones. In four weeks only, Maintain to profit South East Auckland transformed this Papatoetoe run-down home into a beautiful, full of character residence.

The owner has initially started the renovations himself, but his work commitments didn’t allow for spending the time needed for a project like this. By getting Ramin and his team involved, he got the work done much faster and professionally. We also helped him with unlocking the true potential of his home.


Gaining another bedroom

By partitioning the area, which used to be a kitchen, we created a 3rd bedroom – a huge gain for the house value. The new kitchen was installed in the living areas without compromising on the living room’s space. The open-plan living area connects seamlessly to the kitchen and dining areas and creates an ultimate entertaining space.

As always, we stuck with using quality, long-lasting materials, the kitchen cabinets are made of solid melamine MDF with an engineered benchtop and quality German-made hardware.

newly installed kitchen- home renovation Papatotoe

Preserving the character

The beauty of this house is definitely in character features you can find all over the place. The small stool located in the corridor designed for polishing shoes, the decorative skirting, and of course, the ornamental ceilings all add to the beauty of this character home. Preserving the character was a challenge, especially when it came to extending the original living room ceiling ornaments. By combining different sizes of timber, we managed to make the extension seamless and were very happy with the end result.

Bathroom challenge

The bathroom was definitely one of the most age and lack of maintenance affected areas. We removed all the rotten pieces of timber and maximized the space available by installing a good size vanity (900mm wide) and modern shower.

Office bonus

What used to be a very run-down porch was turned into a small office by closing off the door, insulating the walls, and installing a new entry door. As a result, it’s a great space separated from the hustle and bustle of the living areas, big enough for desk and office cabinets.


renovating ceiling - papatoetoe house renovation before and after bathroom renovation - Papatoetoe house renovation porch renovation - before and after photos

Modern vs. traditional

The owner’s dilemma was whether to go with the traditional or modern look when it comes to styling this home. He followed our advice and settled on a combination of modern lines and the old home character. Especially when it comes to the lighting, the black color light fittings stand out and look very stylish.

modern black light fitting in bedroom close up view of modern black light fitting

As you can see on the before and after photos, this was a huge, successful house interior transformation. The next stage is tackling the house exterior. The owner’s plan is to move in and take time to finish renovating the house exterior. We might get a call to come back, but in the meantime, we wish the owner all the best with the rest of the renovation and many happy days living in this beautiful home.

modern light fittings in living areas new vinyl flooring in Paptoetoe renovated home renovated bedroom - Papatoetoe renovation renovated bedroom - Papatoetoe renovation
newly renovated kitchen and licing areas newly created bedroom - Papatoetoe renovation renovated bathroom - Papatoetoe Home renovation renovated toilet - Papatoetoe home renovation


Papatoetoe House Renovation – Project Summary

Scope of work:

– Remove existing kitchen cabinets, installing new ones in living areas

– Build a partition wall to create a 3rd bedroom

– Close off several doors and windows and installing a new entrance door into the laundry area

– Remove all rotten timber and rebuild bathroom floor, ceiling and walls

– Install wall insulation in the bathroom, porch/office area and walls separating bedrooms from the living areas

– Full Interior Painting (including doors, and window frames)

– Electrical work included installing new LED lights, light fittings, power points

– Vinyl, and carpet flooring installation

Completion time: 4 weeks


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